Streetwear: Under the Radar


Over the past few years, streetwear has become the staple of smart and casual fashion. The majority of celebrities can also be seen wearing luxury pieces from brands such as OFF-White, Supreme and BAPE which inspires other designers to offer similar styles to the public. Occasionally, we see popular celebrities and people in the limelight wearing affordable designers what can easily be spotted. Here’s a look at streetwear styles currently on trend.


Camo is Back

Both luxury designers and other streetwear labels recent releases have been based around the new trend; camouflage. The luxury brands naturally have their own take on the iconic pattern, altering the colours and how the design is put on their garments, and other streetwear brands are offering a collection of regular camo prints with their own slight twist.


A Label to Watch Out For

A luxury label at a price bracket which is both affordable to the general public but it’s culture is attracting sports icons to represent the label. Societe Noir has spotted Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wearing their red mesh trucker hats coming off the coach before the recent Chelsea clash. The other Icon spotted is Dillian Whyte, the heavyweight boxer has been spotted in both a trucker cap and t-shirt recently. The brand offers more than just streetwear, it’s a culture of luxe style that is currently proving to be on trend.


Simple and Sophisticated

For anyone wanting the style and comfort without the standout garments, simple designs of luxury garments with little or no branding are also a current hype in the streetwear industry. Brands such as Beck to Beck offer their statement pieces without during too much away from the overall style. It’s the same principle as Supreme when it was just a skate brand, a simple box logo which adds just the right amount to the style.


Affordable Dad Trainers

High-end designers Balenciaga, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, have created a “dad shoe trend” that has been seen at every fashion event. These trainers aren’t affordable for the majority of people, and due to its unique style, most people are unwilling to spend too much as the trend might disappear soon. Affordable brands such as FILA, Asics and New Balance are offering their own take on the trend, and although it’s not as overstated as the luxury brands, it’s an alternative for everyone on the streetwear scene to try.


Sock Game

Both shorts and cropped trousers have been a trend in streetwear and having a strong sock game has never been so important. Buying designer socks, unusual prints and long white sports socks have been the most popular choices, and even trainers are helping the trend. The recently released Nike reacts are a transparent trainer, so wearing good socks is a crucial factor!

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